Thursday, September 23, 2010

Why I Pay No Attention to Politics

This morning I encountered a headline in the Columbus, Dispatch blasting out, "GOP blasts mailings; Democrats blast spending."  Who can take seriously people who communicate via blasting?

Of course, the politicians in question didn't blast their opponents.  This is merely the editor's effort to drum up interest in his/her reporter's story.  Still, the story did refer to "dueling media events."  Did the politicians brandish swords or is this simply more media drivel?  More media drivel.  But the fact is that political discourse has dwelled in the muck for many years now, going back at least to the time of Nixon.

In the story in question, we get more blasting combined with the funniest thing I have seen in politics in years, a Republican complaining about "irresponsible, disrespectful untruths" from Democrats.
House Republican leaders blasted recent Democratic mailings, which Rep. Matt Huffman of Lima, the House GOP campaign chairman, called a “pattern of irresponsible, disrespectful untruths.”
Forgive me for telling the truth here but Republicans began the dirty tricks in politics with their vicious attacks on Dukakis (if not sooner)until finally the Democrats started fighting back.  Not surprisingly, it was Clinton who did so, thanks to the advice of James Carville who argued that no charge should go unanswered for even a day.

In my opinion, Obama has made a mess of his Presidency.  I beleive he may really have believed his election presaged a new day in politics where reason would replace rancor.  Silly duck.  And now his Presidency is circling the drain.  Only a huge Republican screw up can save the Democrats in November and in two years.  The Republicans are fully capable of that.  They are, after all, the party of tea parties and Sarah Palin.

As long as there are Republicans there will always be irresponsible, disrespectful untruths.

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