Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Liberals and the Death of the Democratic Party

If one can ignore what went on below President Clinton's beltline, he was, in my opinion, as good a President as the Democrats have had in recent years. Uh, wait a minute Mike. He's the only Democratic President we have had in recent years. One Democratic President in the last 26 years to be precise. Actually, to be fair, we had 8 years of one Democrat and 18 of various Republicans with 2 to go unless we impeach everyone in Washington who is a Republican.

I am quite sure that the Democrats will lose the next election even though it should be a slam dunk in that it will be after 8 years of the worst President in American history. Doesn't matter. The Liberals will screw it up.

After the last election, I heard/read a news report quoting some Liberal saying that though Kerry had lost, exit polls showed that the people agreed with liberal values, whatever those are. Let me tell you a story. In my late teens or early twenties I was in a rural bar in Oklahoma and struck up a conversation with an old farmer. I found that on a number of issues he and I seemed to be in remarkable agreement. I knew that we actually were poles apart politically -- we just shared some populist values. I knew that if we started getting down to specifics, then we would soon part company. The same will be true if Liberals think that the American people are with them.

The American people were with Clinton, even excusing some pretty wretched behavior. Sadly, current polls show that the preferred candidate of Democrats is Hillary Clinton. Don't be confused. All they share is a last name. Sadly. H.C. not only is preferred, if she can get in a head-to-head contest against Gore, Kerry, Edwards, or Mark Warner, whoever the hell he is, she will smash them into a pile of blood and bones. And then she will be smashed into a pile of blood and bones by Ima Conservative, whomever he or she turns out to be.

Americans don't want Liberals as their leaders. The last time they did was when Mondale, Church, et al were in the Senate and times were good. Then they were sacked in a bloody massacre and that was the last time Liberals had any real say in how the country was governed. Bill Clinton was not a liberal. He was a left-leaning Centrist and that is the best kind of thing to be. Such a person can appeal to the best impulses of the American people without scaring hell out of them.

Before Liberals get too excited about Gore because of the success of his movie, which is a filmed talk of some eloquence (where did he find that?), remember who is going to the movie. Liberals and some of their kissing cousins, people like me -- I actually haven't seen it because it has no nudity (female), violence, or destruction of property. Just kidding. I will see it at my earliest convenience. I am already a believer so there is no urgency.

I wish that moderate Democrats could pick the candidate but it is the guy/gal who can get together an army of volunteers who will win. That sounds like Hillary this time. Wake me when the next World Cup comes up (or the Red Sox are in the World Series). I can't take another Republican President.

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Blogger Full Metal Attorney said...

Lil, I don't think there's any chance of that happening. At least not for another decade or so, depending on what happens in the interim.

LG, you touch on my problem with the current primary system. Both sides pick someone who is an extremist (B.C. aside) and then we get the South Park proverbial choice between a douche and a terd sandwich. And when that happens, the better choice is generally the conservative one--people believe that someone who's afraid of change is likely to do less damage (although the truth of that conception is up for debate).

I share your preference for centrists (in my mind they can lean a bit either way), but they're just not going to win the primary. McCain's tried it and failed more than once, and I'm not sure Ben Nelson would be electable.

So until the primary system is changed, I'll just sit and dream of a day when we pick legislators of all different political stripes, SCOTUS is conservative and makes decisions that are theoretically sound and workable, and the President is a real leader, but not an extremist.

3:27 PM

Blogger Larry Kollar said...

Lil, you called?

The problem is that the right wing has spent the last nearly 50 years (since Goldwater went down in flames) building a machine that can spread their Big Lies far & wide, drowning out voices of reason with the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Neil Boor(tz). During that time, Democrats and their base essentially fiddled while Rome burned around them.

The most endearing thing about liberals is the same thing that has let them throw away their natural base — they refuse to believe that people can really be that stupid. Unfortunately, they demonstrate they are, time and again.

3:33 PM

Blogger Ripple said...

The last really good president (Kennedy) got killed for being a good president. That was before I was born. Ford was OK. At least he legalized homebrewing beer. I don't remember Nixon. I know Reagan sucked ass and so did Bush the Senior. I think Clinton won by default because the Republicans did such a terrible job running the country in the 80's. And Clinton then proceeded to stink the place up for eight years. Now we have the biggest goofball America could muster up sitting in the oval office.

I've disowned all the republicans in my family. I can't even talk to them nor any other hardline republicans anymore. I'll keep my political views to myself. Conversation with them is futile and to argue with fools makes me a bigger fool.

1:38 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's probably a good thing if you keep your views to yourself Paul. It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and confirm it. "Ford was OK" " Reagan sucked ass" HUH!? Take another Hit!

The people have rejected the modern liberal ideal because well, it's way too farfetched. The liberal media made sure that the liberal ideal was on the front page of every newspaper and TV news show for years and now; they are all reaping from their investment. The major news oultets are scrambling for new ideas to sell their product but to no avail. People are just plain sick of some coifed, arrogant, look down their noses at the little people because we know much better than you attitude. The answer the left has come up with is "Air America", oh please, even ultra left George Sorros will get tired of shoveling his money down that rathole. One thing about hand wringing liberals though, they are sure funny to listen to.

12:25 PM

Blogger Ripple said...

Well, you are your age and you have a baby boomer republican's point of view. You don't know what it is like to be my age or younger and facing the same challenges that you once faced so easily in life. You see, when you were buying your first house, you could buy one for $20,000 in Huntington Beach or whatever and do it with a blue-collar job. Now I am ready to buy my first house. But I can't because that same house is now $800,000 and I need enough to cover a $200,000 down payment and $3,000 per month mortgages. So, this is just one example of how badly you screwed all of us. Yes, I am pointing the finger at you baby boomers and your Reaganomics. Our once proud nation, which is now in the hands of the cursed baby boomers, isn't so great anymore thanks to your crappy domestic politics and foreign policy. We are riding the coat tails of what was a nation of great and patriotic men and women who came before you. Now my generation and the next few generations have to clean up your mess. Anyway, thanks a lot for your futile point of view.

1:43 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I am ready to buy my first house. But I can't because that same house is now $800,000 and I need enough to cover a $200,000 down payment and $3,000 per month mortgages.

Need anymore be said? Go live in cradboard box then!

8:50 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cardboard box, that's better eh whiner?

8:54 AM

Blogger The Language Guy said...

Food Fight! That, at least, seems to be current intellectual level of the exchange.

In fact, with obvious exceptions, the current round of young adults will be the first generation of Americans who did not routinely rise above the economic level of their parents. There are a lot of reasons for this. I have thereby exhausted my knowledge of economics.

5:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, what can I say?

9:49 PM

Blogger IbaDaiRon said...

I'm always impressed by the courage in conviction demonstrated by anyone that posts as "anonymous".

("Need anymore be said?" Hmm...used to prefer "Nuff said." I guess some people can change?)

12:22 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

I agree somewhat with Paul F. Reaganomics did screw us over and our generation has a huge mess to clean up. Unfortunately, that won't happen. The majority of people from our generation don't seem to care about politics anymore. It seems like everyone is to lazy to even to care to vote.

I honestly can't talk to hardcore republicans anymore. Last night I had one of my own family members tell me that 9-11 was Bill Clinton's fault because his administration had the ability to stop Osama Bin Laden when Saudi Arabia held him captive. Now I know that 9-11 was horrible, but you can't blame it on anyone but the people that planned it.

I sat there saying "You don't think that if Bin Laden had been taken prisoner, some other terrorist would not have taken his place." Then I said something to the extent of "9-11 and the war in Iraq are two completely different events." She replied "What? I don't understand"

I know that I can't lump all republicans into the same category as my poorly misinformed family member. But when someone who is perfectly intelligent says that she doesn't understand what I am trying to say when I say 9-11 and Iraq have nothing to do with eachother, I have to wonder what America is coming to. I told her that there is nothing to understand. It's a statement, not a concept.

My definition of a president is someone who knows what they are doing, truly has the best intentions for the American people, and can actually give a speech without humiliating himself, our country, and the English language. People vote for their party too much.

Clinton is definitely one of the best predidents we have had in a long time. Anyone who manages to turn around the national deficit after the catastrophe of Reaganomics is a hero in my eyes. And although anyone would look good when compared to Bush, us (Democrats) don't get a fair choice for a candidate. Gore was nice [and won the popular vote I might add (don't get me started on the stupidity of the Electoral College)], but what the hell was up with Kerry. Nobody liked him, not even every Democrat I've talked to.

This next election will not be fair again because Hilary is just too opionated. She scares people away. I can't stand watching America slowly destroy itself. If this path continues, I am going to move to China or Japan. I can't stand the bureaucratic b.s. that goes on in this country anymore, and I damn sure am not going be blamed by the rest of the world for this ridiculously unjustified war.

Sorry for the lack of decent seguays or closure on any thoughts. I just woke up and felt like writing a little political rant after last night. I am going to go grab some coffee.

1:00 PM

Blogger The Language Guy said...

You are spot on on everything. One thing I haven't figured out is just how liberal Hillary is. As First Lady she seemed to be the left-wing gadfly in Bill's ear. As a senator, she has been a mainstream Democrat.

I just want someone who is electable.

8:45 AM

Blogger Unknown said...

I think part of the problem is that the republicans have tricked hard workers into thinking that the democrats are the party that simply take their hard earned cash and give it to some lazy poor person. I don't agree with this of course, but I noticed your bit about the farmer, and I've had similar experiences with my father. This is the best theory I've come up with for why he refuses to vote democrat (because he seems to agree with most of my other liberal leanings). He is starting to lean left-er though, as he pointed out today he's slipping from middle class to lower middle class these days, similar to many other people in this country.
Other reasons... the republican use fear (fear of terrorists, fear of the nonreligious (and other socially liberal things like gay marriage and sex education...) For some reason these things become the only focus and all rational thinking goes out the window.

2:41 AM

Blogger The Language Guy said...

Thanks for your comments, victoria. I, of course, agree with you.

7:18 AM


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