Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pardon the Interuption

I have been distracted from blogging due to having to endure a host of medical appointments and procedures (pharmacological stress test, contrast-aided 3-D imaging of the heart, Doppler sonogram of my carotids, an angiogram of my carotids, and surgery on one carotid this coming Tuesday). Then comes an X-Ray guided injection of cortisone in my left sacroiliac joint, which, alas, took longer to set up than all of the heart and artery appointments and procedures thanks to an overworked or lazy secretary and too few doctors available for epidurals. Of course the other stuff is more life-threatening than a joint.

The main thing the pesky sacroiliac joint has done is badly compromise my ability to do some gardening. This results in a much slower "work rate," a great term I have learned from soccer broadcasts. My blogging work rate is very poor right now. I have been struggling with how to express my linguistic and political concerns with the issue of winding down the Iraq war. That comes next.

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Blogger IbaDaiRon said...

Hi. I've been kinda busy myself and haven't been stopping by as regularly as I should.

I hope everything is OK or better now with you healthwise!

9:46 AM

Blogger The Language Guy said...

The carotid artery surgery appears to have gone well. The surgeon didn't go after me with the same force that OJ once did. The interesting part is that they put clamps on the artery on either side of the obstruction, slit the artery a bit on either side of the clamped off area and insert a shunt -- all in less than a minute.

Tomorrow is my long awaited epidural injecting cortisone into my pesky sacrilliac joint. Hope it does something useful.

Nice to hear from you again.

3:53 PM

Blogger s tsui said...

Best of luck with all the procedures. :)

9:53 AM

Blogger The Language Guy said...

Thanks. Things have worked out well. I am not sure about the epidural to the sacroilliac. It seems to have helped some.

8:42 AM


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